Benefits of drinking from a copper cup

While doing product research on the pineapple tumbler, a sentence from an article online grabbed my attention, it stated that there're some benefits to storing and drinking water from a copper vessel. Did you know this?, cause I certainly didn't.

By design origin, the copper pineapple tumbler is a unique cocktail shaker and cup for a well-crafted cocktail. With the lid closed, it also makes for a beautiful decorative item on its own. Knowing that part of this item's uniqueness are the added health benefits, as listed below, should give one more reasons to keep this item as one of their kitchen staples.

So the snippet I'd read from the online article was so interesting that I went on and did a bit more digging into this matter. I found a article on health written by Anik Dhandhi update November 25th 2017, it lists the following as the 11 benefits of drinking from a copper cup:

1. Helps the digestive system perform better

"When water is stored in a copper container, the mineral gets leached into it. This copper leached in the water helps in breaking down of food particles and improves our digestion," suggests Bangalore-based Nutritionist, Dr Anju Sood.

2. Aids weight loss

3. Helps heal wounds faster

4. Slows down ageing

5. Helps maintain heart health and beats hypertension

6. Mitigates the risk of cancer

7. Protects you from infections

8. Regulates the working of the thyroid gland

9. Beats arthritis and inflamed joints

10. Boosts skin health and melanin production

11. Beats anaemia

Now you might want to grab yourself one of our copper pineapple tumblers and reap the full benefits of this unique drinking experience.