Decorating your new home

I remember moving into my very own first apartment 9 years ago. A new found type of independence,YAY! With that came a new wave of responsibilities, ones that saw me as a home owner and having, amongst other things, financial decisions to make. I was for the first time an active member of a community living in a complex, and at times a host to family and friends . With all these new roles I had to play, the one I was most excited about was that of being the 'decorator' for my new home... exciting indeed!

Looking around the white four walls of my studio apartment that I thought at the time was the perfect fit for me, I couldn't help but to be excited at the prospect of decorating this space.

Hello, let's talk decor for your new home

Decorate your home to impress yourself, so much so that it really is your favourite hangout spot… not that we promoting anti-socialism:) Create a fun, beautiful and serene space that may even be the envy of your friends and family. And between unpacking and settling-in consider taking a bit of time on deciding which items will best suite your home.


Pick up a home decor magazine for inspiration

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Choose different decor themes for each room or carry out the same theme throughout your house Hint: industrial looking kitchens are in

Consider pendant lights for your kitchen or dining room, these really do give a modern and stylish look to a room

Awaken your sensory levels and add a fresh scent to your bathroom or lounge with candles. Simple vanilla or lavender usually does it for me. Do consider our gold brass candle holder to accessorize. 

Dress up your walls with decorative art, mirrors or photos. Don't over do it though, I think one or two paintings hanging is enough but that may also be subject to how big your house is

Finally, shop our quality black and white kilim rug to complete the look of your living space. Have fun!